January 2010 QASIG Meeting

Presented by Detective Brian Stampfl

Detective Stampfl from the Seattle CSI unit will be joining us to discuss the business of Crime Scene Investigation – a discipline not unlike bug investigation, with processes often used in software testing. We’ll talk about parallels and get some insight into what Crime Scene Investigation is really like, straight from the source.

Detective Stampfl will cover the following:

  • The make-up of the Seattle Police Crime Scene Investigation’s Unit
  • The type of crimes that they respond to investigate
  • Steps necessary to properly document a crime scene
  • The differences between the real world and how investigations are portrayed on television, and a current and look into the future of Forensic technology

Detective Brian Stampfl has been involved in law enforcement for over eighteen years. He began his career in 1991 in Southern California with the San Bernardino Police Department, and later joined the Seattle Police Department in 1995. Since joining SPD, Detective Stampfl has worked in patrol and was a field training officer, tasked with training new officers who had just graduated from the academy. Detective Stampfl went on to become an academy instructor and when the opportunity arose, he acquired the title of detective and worked for over three years in the Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Unit. Then in 2005, the opportunity of a lifetime presented itself as the Seattle Police Department sought to create its own Crime Scene Investigations Unit. Detective Stampfl was one of seven detectives chosen not only to staff this new unit, but to assist in the building of this unit from the ground up, which started simply as an idea. In addition to hours of training associated with Crime Scene Investigation, Detective Stampfl is a graduate of the National Forensic Academy in Knoxville, Tennessee and is an adjust faculty member of Seattle University where he teaches a course in Crime Scene Investigation.

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