March 2011 QASIG Meeting

To Test or Not To Test

Presented by: Adam Yuret, Sr. Test Engineer,

Ostensibly the goal of testing is to provide test coverage of a software product to uncover and document bugs. What if a stakeholder doesn’t want you to report bugs? What if they want you to test less? How would you work to implement a new testing process to a team transitioning to a new methodology without over-reaching your mandate as a tester? now, add to that the additional challenge of never having met the team in person.

Let’s discuss scenarios where the tester is explicitly asked to ignore most bugs, not because the product is so polished that the only probable defects are minor, but because the opposite is true. There are so many problems that to document them all and act on them would have a crippling effect on the project. What would you do in this scenario? Come join Adam Yuret and hear how he’s handled this type of dilemma in current, and past projects. Likewise, share your contexts and ways in which you may have faced these challenges.

About our speaker: After 8 years at WebTrends testing an enterprise level SaaS data warehousing product which included building and maintaining a large scale testing environment, Adam currently works as an “army of one” tester for Volunteermatch. VolunteerMatch is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening communities by making it easier for good people and good causes to connect. Adam is a relative newcomer to the context driven community and is currently working to build a testing process for a project that is transitioning to an agile/scrum methodology.

Presentation Slide Deck: To Test or Not To Test Slide Deck

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