September 2012 QASIG Meeting

QA in Scrum: Beyond mere hand waving

Presented by: Uriah McKinney, Deloitte Digital

QA in Scrum, Presentation Slide Deck

Scrum is a tremendously powerful framework for prioritizing tasks, exposing risks, and generally getting things done. However, it has very little to say with respect to quality assurance and testing. While not a problem in and of itself, this lack of guidance can result in any number of dysfunctions in team dynamics and role expectations.

This session will use our current approach to QA integration as a backdrop to discuss some of the most significant challenges we’ve faced in this area and how we overcame them (or didn’t).

About our speaker:

Uriah McKinney has been deeply involved in mobile quality assurance since the beginning of the 3rd mobile revolution (circa 2008). Throughout his tenure with Deloitte Digital (formerly, Übermind), Uriah has balanced client engagements on iOS, Android, and mobile web projects with developing a methodological framework for quality assurance specifically tailored to the intersection of mobile and agile development. Uriah is one of the founding members of the Center of the Agile Universe meetup (; the Product Owner of the upcoming Mobile Agile Quality Conference (; and apparently not above shameless cross-promotion.

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