November 2012 QASIG Meeting

Leaping into “The Cloud”: Rewards, Risks, and Mitigations

Presented by: Ken Johnston and Seth Eliot, Microsoft

Seth and Ken’s Presentation Slides

The cloud has rapidly gone from “that thing I should know something about” to the “centerpiece of our corporate IT five-year strategy.” However, cloud computing is still in its infancy. Sure, the marketing materials presented by cloud providers tout huge cost savings and service level improvements—but they gloss over the many risks such as data loss, security leaks, gaps in availability, and application migration costs. Ken Johnston and Seth Eliot share new research on the successful migrations of corporate IT and web-based companies to the cloud. Ken and Seth lay out the risks to consider and explore the rewards the cloud has to offer when companies employ sound architecture and design approaches. Discover the foibles of poor architecture and design, and how to mitigate these challenges through a novel Test Oriented Architecture (TOA) approach. Take back insights from industry leaders—Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Netflix—that have jumped into the cloud so that your organization does not slam to the ground when it takes the leap.

About our speakers:

Seth Eliot is Senior Knowledge Engineer for Microsoft Test Excellence focusing on driving best practices for services and cloud development/testing across the company. He previously was Senior Test Manager, most recently for the team solving exabyte storage and data processing challenges for Bing, and before that enabling developers to innovate by testing new ideas quickly with users “in production” with the Microsoft Experimentation Platform ( Testing in Production (TiP), software processes, cloud computing, and other topics are ruminated upon at Seth’s blog at and on Twitter (@setheliot). Prior to Microsoft, Seth applied his experience at delivering high quality software services at where he led the Digital QA team to release Amazon MP3 download, Amazon Instant Video Streaming, and Kindle Services.

Ken Johnston is a frequent presenter, blogger, and author on software testing and services. Currently he is the Principal Group Program Manager for the Bing Big Data Quality and Measurements team. Since joining Microsoft in 1998 Johnston has filled many other roles, including test lead on Site Server and MCIS and test manager on Hosted Exchange, Knowledge Worker Services, Net Docs, MSN, Microsoft Billing and Subscription Platform service, and Bing Infrastructure and Domains. Johnston has also been the Group Manager of the Office Internet Platforms and Operations team (IPO) and for two and a half years (2004-2006) he served as the Microsoft Director of Test Excellence. He earned his MBA from the University of Washington in 2003. His is a co-author of “How we Test Software at Microsoft” and contributing author to “Experiences of Test Automation: Case Studies of Software Test Automation.” To reach Ken contact him through twitter @rkjohnston.

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