May 2013 QASIG Meeting

Scripted Manual Automated Exploratory Testing

Presented by: Keith Stobie, TiVo

Scripted Manual Automated Exploratory Testing

Manual versus automated is a well-known continuum. Less known explicitly is the scripted versus exploratory dimension and its interaction with manual versus automated.

Join us for the May QASIG to learn about the forces that influence when automation or manual testing is most appropriate and when confirmatory (scripted) or bug finding (exploratory) is most appropriate. Keith Stobie will show the role and benefit of each type (manual scripted, automated scripted, manual exploratory, automated exploratory).

About our presenter: Keith Stobie is a Senior Quality Engineering Architect at TiVo who specializes in web services, distributed systems, and general testing, especially design. Previously he has been Test Architect for Bing Infrastructure where he planned, designed, and reviewed software architecture and tests; and worked in the Protocol Engineering Team on Protocol Quality Assurance Process including model-based testing (MBT) to develop test framework, harnessing, and model patterns. With three decades of distributed systems testing experience, Keith’s interests are in testing methodology, tools technology, and quality process.

Check out his blog ( to learn more about his work. Keith is a volunteer with and and a member of AST, ASQ, ACM, and IEEE. Keith has a BS in computer science from Cornell University. ISTQB FL. ASQ CSQE. BBST Foundations graduate. Keith keynoted at CAST 2007 and MBT-UC 2012 and has spoken at many other international conferences.

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