January QASIG – Testing Science: Breaking the Fourth Wall of Engineering

Presented by: Curtis Stuehrenberg, Software Quality Assurance Manager, Climate Corporation

The modern test engineer has a wide variety of tools aiding them in their quest to not just verify computer software but help make sure it’s “providing perceived value to some one at some time.” However what do you do when your persona, your user stories, and your field trips are simply not enough?

This is a question I’ve found myself facing again and again in my career. I first had to face it when helping to build software designed to aid bond traders at the Federal Home Bank of Seattle. I’m currently facing it as I work with agronomists, statisticians, meteorologists, climatologists, and actuarial risk analysts building products to turn the industry of crop insurance on its ear.

Please join me for an evening of talk about the problems we face when asked to test a value proposition for which we have no context or experience and how I’ve addressed and am currently addressing them.

About our speaker:

Curtis is currently helping the world’s people and businesses adapt to a changing climate as the Software Test and Quality Assurance Manager for the Climate Corporation with engineering offices in San Francisco and Seattle. Prior to joining Climate just this past October Curtis previously experimented with big data collection and machine learning algorithms at Electronic Arts, helped build Accelrys’s industry leading small molecule chemical lab management software, and tried disrupting how phase two and three clinical trial pharma studies are designed and executed with the SF startup Medrio.

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