May 2014 QASIG Meeting :: How Data Science is Changing Software Testing

Presented by: Robert Musson, Principal Data Scientist with the Skype team at Microsoft

The world of software testing is changing rapidly. Agile methods merge the distinction between developer and tester, while software services make version releases more frequent. The mantra is now “Get it out fast and let the users provide feedback.” But how can that be done? The premise is that user feedback is both frequent and even possible. Telemetry data is the means by which users provide feedback.

This presentation will focus on the changing role of test in the world of software services. It will describe the new skills required of test organizations and the ways individuals can begin to make the transition.

About our speaker:
Bob Musson is a Principal Data Scientist on the Skype Team at Microsoft. He works on the team responsible for gathering end to end customer feedback. He has been with Microsoft for over ten years in a variety of roles on the Windows, Office and Skype teams. Prior to Microsoft, he work at the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie-Mellon University, Novell, and Teradyne.

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