July QASIG Video, Lightning Talk with Satyajit Malugu – Making UI Automation work with Javascript

Satyajit Malugu, Senior SDET, GoDaddy
Making UI automation work in Javascript

JS is different kind of language from static languages Java, C# and even dynamic languages like Ruby/Python. A reliable automation suite requires test tagging, synchronized waits, parallel test runs and other features to make it work in an organization. This talk will walk through these aspects.
About: Satyajit is a Senior SDET focussing on mobile testing at GoDaddy, Kirkland, Washington, USA. His work involves automation of native and hybrid apps and providing test perspective to his team that recently converted from waterfall to an agile process. Before Godaddy he worked at Urbanspoon and gained SDET knowledge at Microsoft. As a testing leader in a company that is deploying a suite of native apps, he in involved with strategizing, executing and mentoring other teams on best practices for native mobile testing.  He presented on mobile topics at various conferences He blogs at www.mobiletest.engineer and you can find him on twitter at @malugu

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