July QASIG Video, Lightning Talk with Srilu Pinjala – Testing vs. Acceptance Criteria Checking

Srilu Pinjala
Testing vs. Acceptance Criteria Checking

We have come a long way from requirements to user stories. User stories have acceptance criteria now.  We have zero defect policies for code merges, we have 100 % test case pass results. But we still manage to release products with big and humongous bugs via inconsistent User experience, inconsistent messaging, variety of UI elements that hugely vary from one page to another. And most of all the logic in the code is also inconsistent. The customers can see these issues how did the testers miss them?
About: Srilu Pinjala has 11 years experience in testing, test management, and automating. She has worked at Lowes, Expedia, Porch, Amazon, IBM and more places where test cases were non-existent or the existing test cases were abysmal. She believes in exploring the product and fixing the requirements not the other way around. She uses the same approach to write test cases too. She enjoys testing customer facing applications. Connect with her –https://www.linkedin.com/in/srilupinjala; More fun stuff at –https://qasrilu.blogspot.com/

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