May 2019 QASIG Meeting Recap

Experience Report: Building Test Speed and Confidence in a Continuous Delivery Model

Presented by Andy Peterson, QA Manager, Costco Travel

Learn how a growing organization has gone from a five-week release cycle with three sprints to a single two-week sprint release cycle. Andy shares the challenges that the testing organization had to overcome in order to test things quicker, earlier and more frequently as their culture changed to a more continuous delivery model. This was done not only with traditional only functional testing, but also the larger non-functional testing such as security and performance. These teams were able to raise the confidence of build candidates as they moved from 10 releases a year to 26 and the other benefits associated with a more frequent release cadence.

About our speaker: Andy Peterson has spent more than 20 years in IT roles with more than the last dozen in a QA specific role including SDET, lead, and manager.  He is currently the QA manager for Costco Travel’s Products and Markets group. Before that, he was the QA Lead for initiatives such as their platform and international efforts. He is from Michigan originally and moved out to the Pacific Northwest in 2006. Since then he has been through a lot of the regional hobbies like mountain climbing and winemaking. Currently, he is busy trying to keep up with two daughters.

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