April 2020 Virtual QASIG Recap

Buttressing Automation Framework with User Testing – with Ben Trissel

We are thrilled to welcome our guest speaker, Ben Trissel, fresh from presenting at the TAS20 conference in Seattle. Ben is a Senior QE Engineer with Photoshop.

The Importance of User Testing in Buttressing the Automation Framework

Once you have defined how you will be testing via automation, understanding how QE can fill the gaps between development, QE automation, and design in order to create a satisfying experience for the user.

About our speaker: Ben Trissel is a 4th generation printer and typographer who has worked to apply that information in a digital realm. He is also an entrepreneur who started a company that manufactured durable goods in the United States, using materials sourced from within the United States. When Ben is not thinking about making pretty things, he can be found walking his dogs or dancing Lindy Hop.

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