March 2019 QASIG Meeting Recap

In March we had 3 speakers present Lightning Talks about QA/Test/Career Building: Cindy Ponko, QuardevPartnering with Recruiters during your job search Whether you are selectively considering a new role, or unemployed and actively interviewing, leaning on a team of reliable recruiters can help relieve some of the pressure. Not to mention, help open doors to […]

January 2019 QASIG Meeting Recap

Transformational Leadership for the QA Influencer Presented by Pat Loughery, Quality Assurance Manager, Starbucks Link to slides: Recommended reading: First, this paper: Transformation Leadership: A Quick Start Guide Books: Leadership by Robert Montgomery Burns Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek A Practical Guide to Testing in […]

September 2018 QASIG Meeting Video

CI/CD: An Experience Report Our Quest for the holy grail of software delivery Presented by Leonard Vaughn and Joy Shafer, The Climate Corp Climate has been working to achieve CI/CD with varying degrees of success for at least three years now. Although we are not “there” yet, we have made great progress toward that goal. […]

May QASIG Video – Performance and Security Quality Practices in Continuous Delivery

Performance and Security Quality Practices in Continuous Delivery presented by Khan Klatt, Director of Engineering at McGraw-Hill Engineering Modern software engineering practices have challenged traditional thinking around the delivery of quality software. Waterfall practices have been eclipsed by agile practices, reducing cycle time to deliver software features from quarters or years to weeks or months. […]
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