July 2014 QASIG Meeting :: Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks We had some great speakers and topics: Zephan Schroeder, Microsoft :: Batman Returns! – Test tools selection and tooling philosophy revisited In March Zephan outlined a set of “Software Testing Tools” including categories, curation, a mind map draft, and some interactive discussion related to test tool selection and use. Zephan is back to […]

March 2014 QASIG -Testing Like Batman

Testing Like Batman Presented by: Zephan Schroeder, Software Development Engineer in Test at Philips Healthcare Testing Like Batman slides https://www.xmind.net/embed/9ZMY/ What’s in your utility belt? What is in your colleague’s utility belt? Where do you get your tools and information? Which hero do you test like? We will touch on many test tools currently in […]

November 2013 QASIG Meeting

High Volume Automated Testing for Software Components Presented by: Harry Robinson and Doug Szabo, Microsoft View the slide deck: HVTA 2013-11-13 Note from Harry: During the presentation, we showed sequences that expose bugs in sort routines. For those who would like to try their luck, here is the URL that hosts the Sorting Demo: https://www.brian-borowski.com/Software/Sorting. The […]
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