March 2014 QASIG -Testing Like Batman

Testing Like Batman Presented by: Zephan Schroeder, Software Development Engineer in Test at Philips Healthcare Testing Like Batman slides What’s in your utility belt? What is in your colleague’s utility belt? Where do you get your tools and information? Which hero do you test like? We will touch on many test tools currently in […]

September 2012 QASIG Meeting

QA in Scrum: Beyond mere hand waving Presented by: Uriah McKinney, Deloitte Digital QA in Scrum, Presentation Slide Deck Scrum is a tremendously powerful framework for prioritizing tasks, exposing risks, and generally getting things done. However, it has very little to say with respect to quality assurance and testing. While not a problem in and of […]

July 2012 QASIG Meeting

On Combinatorial Testing Presented by: James Bach, Satisfice, Inc. NOTE: James will be presenting from Orcas Island and streaming live – you can catch it at our usual location at Quardev where we’ll be providing pizza and beverages as usual or access remotely. Combinatorial testing is the process of testing the interactions between multiple variables in a […]

May 2012 QASIG Meeting

Managing Quality Debt Presented by: Chris Sterling, Founder and CTO of Agile Advantage, Inc. Software debt slowly creeps into applications and platforms when integrity is not asserted and verified on a frequent basis. Quality debt is a type of software debt that can be managed and monitored separately from the other types (technical, configuration management, design, […]

March 2012 QASIG Meeting

The Science of Being Happy and Productive at Work Presented by: Scott Crabtree Grounded in solid scientific data, this award winning presentation delivers steps everyone can act on to be happier on the job. Various studies show that happier people are more productive, creative, insightful, engaged, resilient, healthy, and more. This presentation covers dozens of […]
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