January 2012 QASIG Meeting

Pairing Developers with Non-Developers Presented by: Lanette Creamer, Independent Software Testing Consulting and Coach Pairing in the world of software development traditionally brings up an image of two developers working together in person, creating code at the same time. This practice is often used by agile teams and teams doing extreme programming. Many teams currently […]

Novemeber 2011 QASIG Meeting

Google’s Approach to Test Engineering Google takes a holistic approach to quality involving developers (SWEs), developers in test (SETs) and a lesser talked about role called test engineering (TE). This talk outlines the role and responsibility of the Google Test Engineer and details the tools and techniques they use to ship high quality software to […]

September 2011 QASIG Meeting

Sabotaging Quality Presented by: Joy Shafer, Consulting Test Lead, Quardev, Inc. From the very beginning of the project there have been discussions about quality. The team has unanimously agreed it’s important-a top priority. Everyone wants to deliver a high-quality product of which they can be proud. Six months after the project kick-off, you find yourself neck-deep […]

July 2011 QASIG Meeting

6 Considerations for Mobile Device Testing Presented by: Jacob Stevens, Senior Test Lead at Quardev, Inc. and Matt Pina, Manager of IT Applications Quality Assurance at Alaska Airlines New to mobile? Unsure how the unique dynamics and constraints of this lucrative platform might shape your test design? This primer to testing on mobile devices introduces the […]

May 2011 QASIG Meeting

Testing in Production: Your Key to Engaging Customers Presented by: Seth Eliot, Senior Test Manager at Microsoft, Bing Feature lists do not drive customer attachment; meeting key needs does. Learn how Testing in Production (TiP) works synergistically with customer scenarios to put real product in front of real users in their own environment to get direct, […]

March 2011 QASIG Meeting

To Test or Not To Test Presented by: Adam Yuret, Sr. Test Engineer, Volunteermatch.com Ostensibly the goal of testing is to provide test coverage of a software product to uncover and document bugs. What if a stakeholder doesn’t want you to report bugs? What if they want you to test less? How would you work to implement […]
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